Make a treasure hunt for kids, for a successful kid's birthday party

If you are looking for fun entertainment ideas and games for your child's birthday party, Zalunira has just what you need. It only takes a few minutes to print off a treasure hunt or a detective mystery game from our website, the ideal way to make organizing a great home birthday party for your child simple and easy. Since 2011, Zalunira is the go-to site for anyone wanting to organize a treasure hunt or detective mystery activity for a kid's birthday party. Our stories are real games of imagination where the children are the heroes with stars in their eyes. With, organizing a treasure hunt suddenly becomes very easy, ideal for busy parents!

1 Click

It takes just a few clicks to select and download a game from our wide range of treasure hunts and detective mysteries for kids.

2 Print

Read through the rules, print the documents then hide the clues at home or wherever the birthday party is going to take place.

3 Play

Start with the initial story then accompany the children through the different stages until they discover the treasure or unmask the villain.
Print a treasure hunt for free and test our innovative fun concept for an entertaining activity to organize at a kid's birthday party.
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